Building Project

Revised Master Plan

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Building Project Committee Update

Paul Kennedy, Alison Cox, Greg Creek and Peter Brown

Completed a report for our first submission to the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (ADoM) Building Committee, approved by Parish Council on 28th July 2020.

The preliminary cost estimates from the builders to extend our buildings (as detailed in the previous Master Plan) and renovate existing buildings to provide meeting rooms, creche and storage is $800,000 – 850,000; based on simple finishings and greater involvement of the Parish in Project Management.

Continuing to investigate possible grants required to reach the target amount.

The Parish Council ask for prayer for increased church membership and giving in preparation for the loss of rent from the church house and interest from the Coone bequest to provide for the building project.

From Archdeacon Jill McCoy:

‘I am aware of the sustained thought, prayer and hard work that has gone into developing this proposal. I commend the plan, and look forward to seeing how it will enrich your ministry as a parish. You have my full support’.

Awaiting Bishop Kate Prowd's response before presenting to the ADoM’s Building Committee (which has been in recess during the COVID 19 outbreak).